Newborn test is undertaken to help identify certain health disorders that are not otherwise found at birth. Improvements in latest technologies allow detection of more than 50 metabolic disorders. All newborns should be tested, as with early detection, these conditions can be managed to prevent complications such as mental retardation, physical problems or even death.

Male/ Female

  • Amino acids
  • Hb-electrophoresis
  • Immune reactive trypsin
  • TSH neonatal
  • Galactose-1-Uridyl-Transferase
  • 17-Hydroxy progesterone
  • Biotinidase
  • Glucose-6-PDH
  • Acylcarnitines
  • Biotinidase
  • Glucose-6-PDH
  • Acylcarnitines

There are other advanced tests available upon your doctor’s request. Contact us on 0302 763 580 for further details or booking.

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