The SYNLAB Group has implemented and adopted the following Compliance tools
-    Group Code of Conduct
-    Group Anti-Corruption Guidelines
-    Organizational Models for each individual Company

These tools were implemented at Group level and adopted - by resolution of the Board of Directors - by the individual companies belonging to the Group, not only in order to achieve the so-called 'exemption' from liability pursuant to the Decree, but in the belief that they improve Corporate Governance, reducing the risk of commission of the so-called predicate offenses of the entity's liability and increasing the sensitivity of those who work on behalf of Group companies, regarding the importance of operating in compliance with current legislation and the ethical and deontological principles to which the SYNLAB Group and the companies related to it inspire in carrying out their business.

The Compliance tools are therefore aimed at guaranteeing the highest levels of correctness and transparency in the conduct of business and activities of the companies of the SYNLAB Group.

The SYNLAB Group has also implemented a reporting system, aimed at guaranteeing the effectiveness and effectiveness of the Compliance tools, by forwarding reports / information / communications / documentation relating to acts and / or facts potentially suitable for integrate the violation of the rules and principles referred to therein or, in any case, inherent in conduct that does not comply with the principles of legality, loyalty, correctness, transparency.

The SYNLAB Group in Ghana has decided to adopt its own Code of Conduct and its own Anti-Corruption Guidelines, which constitute the reference point for all those who carry out their activities on behalf and in the interest of the Group companies. It is SYNLAB's belief that ethics and compliance with regulations in the conduct of its business are an indispensable condition for its success, a tool for promoting its image and representing an essential asset. These documents express the commitments and responsibilities in the conduct of business and corporate activities undertaken by all personnel operating in SYNLAB in any capacity. Furthermore, these documents must be considered binding for all Group companies and for the conduct of all its recipients, as defined below. SYNLAB also requires that all the main stakeholders (meaning associated companies, main suppliers, etc.), comply with conduct in line with the general principles of the Code of Conduct and the Anti-corruption Guidelines, without prejudice to compliance with the religious, cultural, social specificities. SYNLAB operates with the purposes of:

  • provide services of the best quality, in compliance with the requirements declared to users, in compliance with the law and internal measures adopted,
  • achieve customer satisfaction,
  • activate continuous improvement tools in every business area,
  • use increasingly better and more effective equipment and methods,
  • keep the staff constantly trained and updated on technological development,
  • observe the utmost accuracy in the processing of sensitive personal data of customers, with absolute respect for the privacy legislation, adopt the most appropriate measures in order to safeguard safety and respect for the environment.

With regard to the person, SYNLAB:

  • respects the dignity of patients and their right to self-determination
  • observes the most appropriate health procedures aimed at protecting the physical integrity of the customer
  • respects the privacy of patients
  • strives for an in-depth knowledge of customer needs
  • ensures timely and correct information, clear and easy to interpret
  • pay due attention to what the patient says and objectively respond to patient criticism
  • adopts specific tools for measuring customer satisfaction

Supplier Code of Conduct and the 3rd party speak up policy are about responsible supply chain. The Third-Party Speak-Up Policy is intended to encourage and enable business partners and their respective employees as well as other third parties to report established or suspected breaches of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz) and violations against SYNLAB’s Supplier Code of Conduct.


Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Complaints Procedure

Supplier Complaints Procedure

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